Customized Plastic USB Design Mould

Shenzhen LongDingRui Technology Co.,Ltd ,With full experence of Custom USB Flash Drive ,Our extensive range of standard models is supported by our 3D development and usb design service for Plastic Custom shape USB. We can take initial sketches and convert ideas into 3D concepts for approval and manufacturing. There is no real limit on what can be made into a Plastic Custom shape USB, only your imagination! Please read our plastic custom usb page for more details.

Customized Plastic USB Flow

Initial Design Parts Design Logo design Sample

Design USB Mould

plastic mold

injection mould

plastic injection mold

Injection mold

njection mold

High-class mold

injection mold & parts

injection mold

Plastic mold

plastic injection mold

Customized components

plastic mould

injection mould

Plastic mould

Plastic injection mold

Plastic injection mold

Data Stick designs

Snake Data Stick

Keychains Data Stick

Mr. USB Data Stick

Darts Data Stick

Mondry Data Stick

Crystals Data Stick

Clouds Data Stick

Dippo Data Stick

USB Mold Equipment

Wire cut

EDM machine

Highspeed CNC

Mirror EDM

Slow wire cut

Quality Management Process

1. Mould Design Control.
2. Mould Steel Hardness Inspection.
3. Mould Electrodes Inspection.
4. Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection.
5. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection.
6. Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection.
7. Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
8. Export Mould Package Inspection.

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