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Make Your Next Promotion Come Alive With USB People

USB men memory stick

Welcome to the world of USB People. USB People are the latest in USB design.You can now create your own unique USB Person to promote your Company, sports team or any other activity that USB Men can help make the difference in a competitive environment.

The USB People flash drive has movable arms and legs, and can be designed to match your company, team colours or someone unique. You can also create different hair styles, hats, eyes, mouth (smile grim etc) sweater colour, pants, shoes / boots and most important of all YOUR LOGO or TEXT.

Option 1 - Minimum order quantity 50 Units.

We have a range of pre-designed USB men for you to choose from, that can be branded with your logo. Choose from over 20 designs including: Footballer, Other sports persons, Policeman, Businessman, Construction Worker, Dentist, Doctor, Nurse, Student, Surgeon, Teacher or Santa Claus.

Option 2 - Minimum order quantity 250 Units

Use our USB People Mix & Match package and make your own person using our unique computer graphics program - Easy to Use. You can change the following within this program: Body colour, Hair or Hat style, facial expression (eyes & mouth), Sweater colour and style (body and sleeve) then just ADD YOUR Logo.

Option 3 - Minimum order quantity 250 Units

A USB Man that can be designed and printed on a fully bespoke basis, perhaps to look like a company mascot or uniform. Create your very Bespoke USB Person from scratch using our ˇ°Free Visual Serviceˇ±. Supply us with a brief, digital photos and your logo of what you require your person to look like, and we make a visual proof with No obligation to proceed.

Storage capacities range from 512Mb to 8Gb, and to get to the USB connector of the drive you just remove the head. The printing size for your logo on the USB People Flash drive is 16mm x 16mm.

New designs are now available! Rubber Head USB People,Micro USB People and Metal USB People - Back to School - Call for full details.


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